Cape Fear Commercial is recognized as the area’s foremost expert in residential land and subdivision sales. Over the past 15 years, we have successfully marketed and sold over $175 million in residential development tracts, builder takedown lots and subdivisions ranging from paper-platted to fully-developed properties. Our team has completed some of the region’s most difficult entitlements, including high profile rezoning projects and the careful development of environmentally sensitive sites. Our firm also has a proven track record for helping developers and investors to secure the best land for their projects at the right price.

Our team excels at analyzing the feasibility of assets and creating sales strategies that maximize profitability for clients. With a solid understanding of the market and underwriting criteria, our associates work to identify potential problems and resolve pertinent issues in advance of marketing efforts to ensure that properties attract only the best offers. Additionally, through strong working relationships with civil and environmental engineers, surveyors, attorneys and consulting firms, we work through rezonings, entitlements, re-entitlements and permitting so that assets are positioned to sell for the highest possible price.

At Cape Fear Commercial, we work closely with landowners and investors to take residential development projects from conception to completion. Our firm strives to provide solutions that result in economically successful projects for landowners and respected development projects within communities. By maintaining close ties with community officials and leveraging relationships with development partners, we help clients navigate through the due diligence, entitlement, design, construction and marketing phases of projects. We also help clients to maximize their investments by creatively structuring deals and serving (when asked) on their HOA boards.